Madison, Wisconsin

This past summer, I had a trip to Madison, Wisconsin. Wisconsin is one of my favorite cities to visit – in the Summer! Did you know that Madison in located on an isthmus? The two bodies of water which sandwich the capital of Wisconsin are Lake Monona and Lake Mendota. There is a canal that runs between the lakes along with one lock located on the western lake of Mendota. I was able to visit the very tourist friendly Tenney Park where it felt very welcoming. Tenney Park is on the west side of the isthmus on Lake Mendota. The east side of the isthmus is Lake Monona and that lake is considerably smaller, thus less room for beaches and recreation such as you see on the west side. The canal that runs between the two lakes is the Yahara River and is known for great fishing along its banks.

While I was in Tenney Park, I got to see families playing together, boating and fishing and eating lunch in the park. I saw several boats go through the Locks and that to me was a pretty cool thing to see. I’ve included many of those pictures here.

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