70’s Celebration!

Songs That Influenced My Early Life

This page is dedicated to my latest project titled, “70’s Celebration”! It has 4 Folk songs and 1 original song, written by my friend and bandmate Don Hightower. They are a throw back to 1971 when the words and phrases like “Groovy” and “Far Out” meant something different than they do today. Folk music in the Christian genre’ was becoming popular with the younger generation. ( I was 12 when it was popular) I can see where these songs morphed into the Praise and Worship songs that we have today. It’s a similar concept in that we see the younger generation taking up the gauntlet and bringing new forms and tunes for us to share, praise and worship the Lord God.

My whole ministry is about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. “Celebrating” how sinful man can only come to God through Jesus Christ – His perfect Son – who gave his life as a ransom for mine. Who paid the price for my sin so that I would not have to. That all I needed to do was to trust and believe. (Romans 10: 9-10, 13)

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Psalm 19 (Sonny Salisbury, Time: 3:19)
This song asks the question: “Why am I here?” and answers with “To Give God All The Glory”. We hold on to the last part of the Psalm: “So Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, Be acceptable in Your sight, Lord, my rock and my redeemer”! (Read all of Psalm 19)

This was the first song that I ever learned to play on the guitar. As time has passed, I have developed my playing skills, but the genuineness of this song still speaks loudly to me as to how important it is that we never forget who the creator is and that we are called to worship and praise Him with our voices and hearts.

Psalm 19 (Sampled)

Pass It On (Kurt Kaiser, Time: 2:53)
It only takes a spark to get a fire going! When we have that awesome desire to tell the world about our savior, we just want to shout it from the mountain top. We want to pass it on! My sister – in-law, Robin H Wills, was kind enough to lend her vocal talents on this song. She is such a wonderfully talented person and devoted follower of Christ.

This song is played as a “Folk / Rock Ballad” in a more relaxed pace. The intent is to allow the listener to reflect on their salvation and remember how much passion that they had when they first got saved. We all need to re-kindle that same excitement to go and start sharing with others again. It’s a gentle reminder of the great commission that Jesus gave us in Matthew 28: 16-20.

Pass It On (Sampled)

I Wish We’d All Been Ready (Larry Norman, Time: 4:34)
A true child of the 60’s, Larry Norman knew that we need to take the coming end of days with great seriousness. This song was the soundtrack for the Christian movie series “A thief in the night” 1972. The other 3 movies in the series are “A distant thunder” (1978), “Image of the beast” (1981), and “Prodigal planet” (1983). It’s kind of a scary movie in that it depicts teenagers dealing with the aftermath of the rapture of the church and new world government that seeks to kill Christians. But the point that Larry was trying to make with the song was that the time to become saved is now and that after death there is no hope for the unsaved.

I wish we’d all been ready (Sampled)

That’s For Me (Kurt Kaiser, Time: 3:02)
One of the very first blues types of songs I learned was “That’s For Me!” This song was one from the 1970’s Christian Musical “Tell It Like It Is!” (Written by Ralph Carmichael and Kurt Kaiser.) In this song, the singer was reflecting on how he gave his life to Christ (in the last song) and how that the change in his life was the right decision.

I adapted the 2nd verse to read “…I was tired of the grayness of life, doing my own will all I sought was thrills but it only brought me strife.”

I love the passion of the chorus: “Once life had no meaning, once life gave no rest, but now everything’s different, this new life certainly is best!”

That’s for me! (Sampled)

His Everlasting Love (Don Hightower, Mike Wills, Time: 2:23)
This is a really fun song to sing and play! Don Hightower wrote most of this song with little from me except a tuck here and there. We have played this in front of a lot of different venues and it has been well accepted. But the truth is there “He loves you, He’ll save you, He loves you, He’ll save you. Believe Him, just ask Him, His love is everlasting love.” And for fun we shout out “HEY” at the end of each verse because it’s fun and we wanted to shout out to the Lord!

I asked my friend Don Hightower who wrote most of the song what his back story was. It goes like this: “I was playing for the homeless with you and I felt that a message of hope was needed and an upbeat feel good clap the hands kind of song. The story is that God is involved, we are surrounded by His love and that His love is everlasting. People had darkness inside, but Jesus is the light and He wraps His arms around you to comfort and protect. The song came together easy!”

His Everlasting Love (Sampled)

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Copyright Information:
1) 1356189 Psalm 19
By Sonny Salsbury
Copyright Curb Word Music c/o Warner
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2) 1356187 Pass It On
By Kurt Kaiser
Copyright Capitol Cmg Genesis o/b/o
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3) 1356188 I Wish We’d All Been Ready
By Larry Norman
Copyright Beechwood Music Corp.

4) 1356190 That’s for Me
By Kurt Kaiser
Copyright Msi Music Administration
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5) His Everlasting Love (Don Hightower)
Used with permission and co-written by Mike Wills © 2006

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