Alaska?!! You Betcha!!

A fun trip to Alaska highlighted my last rotation!

To be a charter pilot, one must be flexible because the only constant in this business is change! After flying in the airline industry for 25 of my 43 years in aviation, I became quite comfortable with my set schedule of 4 days on and 3 days off and being able to closely predict where I’m going and when I’m getting done. Then came the big change when I started flying charter flights again. (I had started out in aviation being a charter pilot and then a corporate pilot before the airline days.)

I’m sitting in Aspen, Colorado when I get a phone call from my company.. “Hey Mike, we got another change for ya! Want to go to Alaska??!!!” “Heck yeah!!!” I replied and so began my quest to go to my 49th State, ALASKA! Well, I flew the aircraft to Van Nuys, CA and the next day I took some folks up to Ketchikan, Alaska! I found out when I landed there that Ketchikan is known as Alaska’s “First City”. That’s because it is the southernmost city in the state, hence the name! What a beautiful place to visit and we only got to stay an hour before we flew back to Portland, Oregon! But who knows, maybe I’ll get back again someday. If you click on this link, you will be taken to view the pictures that I took. I took a video that was from my iPad looking out the window which I will post online one day soon!

Ketchikan, Alaska pictures from me!