Eastern Idaho

Over the 43 years of my career in aviation, I have had the thrill of a lifetime! From going places that I never thought I would go to and to meeting people I never thought I would see in person, each flight offered something new for me. My last rotation provided another milestone in my life. I got to visit the last state in the lower 48 states that I had not yet been to – and that state is Idaho!!

I’ve only been to the eastern edge of the state and I really was only able to stay for just about an hour, but what I saw made me want to come back for more! I was able to see the “Palisades Reservoir” but it was so breathtaking that it left me speechless. As a matter of fact, I tried to get some footage with my iPhone, and even with as good a camera as it has on it, the video was less than spectacular. I went ahead and included it with these pictures, but if you use your imagination, you might just get a glimpse in your minds eye just how awesome it really is.

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