Lubbock Texas

I had the opportunity to visit Lubbock, Texas recently and I didn’t want to just sit around all day long. With only a short 5 hour layover, I wanted to take advantage of the time and see some local sights. I was able to find a great lunch at a local BBQ joint and then visit an air museum right next to the FBO where we parked.

The name of the restaurant I ate at is: “E & J Smokehouse Grill & Spirit Ranch” and what an experience. The setting was very scenic with a huge venue (Spirit Ranch) attached for weddings and events along with a nice park area. One different thing is the wild Peacocks that live on the property. Quite a magnificent bird for sure, and you can buy bird seed to feed them if you like. The BBQ was excellent, exactly what you’d expect with Texas BBQ, big portions and tasty! Yum!! You can visit their site online at:

After lunch, I still had a few hours to kill off, so I found a cool air museum near where we parked our jet. The name of this museum is “The Silent Wings Museum”. I thought it was a memorial that honored aviators and birds from long ago that were unique to the area. Nope, not even close. It’s a museum for Gliders – thus the name.. “Silent Wings”. Not just any gliders though, these are the gliders of WWII that made a big difference in the war. I have included a bunch of pictures from the museum, I hope you will enjoy them! Visit the museum online at:

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