Afton, Wyoming

My last rotation ended on a pretty high note! I flew from Boca Raton, Florida to Afton, Wyoming. I had a few days to spend checking out the area, so I drove over to Idaho. What a scenic place to see, and I have another page just for those pics right here! Idaho Pics First though, check out these pictures of Wyoming.

For this page I have a lot of pics and a couple of videos to share of Afton, Wyoming! The town of Afton itself is not very big, but it is surrounded by some pretty big mountains! These mountains are part of the “Bridger – Teton National Forest” and the local mountains are known for their crystal clear and clean springs that flow abundantly down into the “Sun Valley” which Afton is located.

The pictures in the gallery below are of Afton and a hiking trail up to one of the springs. This spring is aptly named “Periodic Spring”, and “The spring that breathes”. You can read more about it by clicking on the link and learning about many other interesting facts about the region. Periodic / Intermittent Springs Wyoming

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“Periodic Springs” / ” The Springs That Breathe”
Hiking Trail, Swift Creek and surrounding mountains to Periodic Springs

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